Five Veterinarian Services You Can Experience at the Vets in Hialeah

Veterinarian Hialeah FL is a full-service, private animal hospital providing holistic, comprehensive veterinary services to cats and dogs from puppyhood to old age. Veterinarian Hialeah caters to cats and dogs from newborns to adult years. It offers state of the art surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, dedicated to providing personalized, complete health care for animals.

Veterinary Services offered by Veterinarian Hialeah include catheterization (intravenous), phlebotomy and surgery (intravenous), radiology, ultrasound, kidney and bladder catheters, and surgical procedures (such as ear extraction, jaw extraction, heart bypass surgery, dental implants, etc.). In addition, the hospital provides services that include emergency and temporary care, blood transfusion, dialysis, vaccines, wound care, surgery, euthanasia, consultation and therapy, treatment for disease and treatments for animals, and rehabilitation. Some of these services are covered by Medicare. The veterinary surgical facility at Veterinarian Hialeah FL caters to a variety of pet needs. The staff has gained expertise in various facets of animal medicine.

A wide range of animal services are offered by the hospital: blood transfusion services, heart and kidney catheterization, cardiothoracic surgery, dental implants, ear and nose catheterization, dental prosthetics, fertility services, general surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery, geriatric care, kidney services, skin diseases, specialty services, and wound care. Many of these services are covered by Medicare. It also provides preventative care, vaccinations, microchips, and spaying or neutering. For more information on services offered, call the center or go online.

Urology: This is another of the many services provided by the Vets in Hialeah. This service includes performing urological exams and surgical procedures, injecting immune complexes, detecting tumors, and catheterizations. The center offers services for dogs as well as cats. For more information on urology services, call the center or go online.

Pet Health: The center treats many pet ailments and injuries. The center features a Veterinary Oncology unit, a Mobile Veterinary Hospital, and a Pet Trauma Unit. Injuries to pets include fractures, dog bites, dog worms, broken bones, injuries caused by fireworks, bird strikes, bee stings, and various other dog and cat bites. You can find affordable health care for your pets at the center. The mobile veterinary hospital offers services for dog, cat, and equine care.

Diabetic: If you are diabetic and are traveling, you may want to consider the services offered by the Vets in Hialeah. They offer a blood-sugar monitoring kit so that you can test your blood sugar levels on the go. A diabetes testing kit can also be used to do a home diabetes test. In addition to blood glucose monitor kits, the center has an epilator, insulin shots, and a treatment for a urinary tract infection. To learn more about diabetic care at the Vets in Hialeah, call or visit their website.