Famous Graffiti Artists

The history of graffiti dates back to ancient times. This type of art is usually written or painted on a wall without the permission of the person who owns the wall. Graffiti can vary from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings.

Artur Bordalo

Artur Bordalo is a Portuguese street artist known for using recycled and recycled materials in his creations. He cites his grandfather, Artur Real Bordalo, as being the instigator of his craze for street painting. Unlike other graffiti artists who use a can of spray paint, he employs an artful mix of materials ranging from trash to old industrial parts. The result is an aesthetically pleasing display that serves the dual purpose of a funky street art experience while addressing the issues of waste production.

One of the many hats he wears is that of an assistant. While his name may not be familiar to many, his art has been on display all over Portugal. His oeuvre has spanned several decades and a handful of continents.


Banksy is a British graffiti artist who has exhibited his work around the world. He began his career in Bristol, England, in the 1990s, and is known for his political statements and satirical street art. The artist works with stencils, blending dark humour with graffiti.

In the early 2000s, Banksy moved to London. At first, his artwork was quite unsuccessful. However, in 2005, his work reached international fame. His name has become synonymous with anti-authoritarian art.

Banksy’s artwork combines subversive imagery with a dark humour. This has led to many controversies.

Etam Cru

One of the most successful groups of graffiti artists in Poland is Etam Cru. The duo, which includes Sainer and Bezt, is famous for its colourful surealistic murals. They are usually done on building walls, usually several stories tall.

Besides the usual graffiti, Etam Cru also has a reputation for making surreal paintings on canvas. A recent piece of theirs ranked among the top 3 best street art pieces of 2013. Their style is unique and ultra-detailed.

Another notable feat is a recent collaboration with artist Marta Gargiulo on a show called Bedtime Stories. It opens on October 30 in Rome and will run through December 28, 2014.

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk is a multidisciplinary artist who combines a variety of elements into a cohesive and dynamic body of work. She is known for her vibrant and abstract paintings and murals.

Her paintings and murals are influenced by both traditional Ukrainian crafts and the former Soviet Union. They incorporate intricate patterns and colourful designs. For her outdoor artwork, she uses large overlapping strips of paint to create a bold mural.

Hayuk’s paintings are large and feature bright colours, complex geometrical patterns and a touch of whimsy. Some of her work references holograms and pysanka, Ukrainian Easter eggs.

Alex Brewer

Alex Brewer is an Atlanta-based graffiti artist. His work combines street art with fine art and incorporates abstract lines. He has exhibited his work at several galleries. Among his accomplishments is the creation of iconic murals along the Atlanta BeltLine.

Alex Brewer’s work has been commissioned by public and private institutions throughout the world. His best-known works are large wall pieces.

The artist uses acrylic, silkscreen and ink to create his colorful and abstract paintings. His larger works mimic the textures of painted concrete walls. They are usually 55 inches by 96 inches.


A sculptor, graffiti artist, painter and a writer, Manuel Di Rita is known under the name Peeta. Originally a graffiti writer, he is now an accomplished painter, sculptor, and graphic designer. During his early years he painted with spray cans, eventually switching to acrylic paint. He later became a member of the EAD gang in Padova, Italy.

This street art enthusiast is well known for his innovative, three-dimensional murals. His unique style combines elements of typography, geometry, and architecture. As a result, his work has been commissioned for several international festivals.


The Russian graffiti artist Konstantin Zmogk is well known for his unique style. He is one of the most popular artists in the Moscow area. His paintings are characterized by bright colors and dynamic compositions. In addition to his street art, Zmogk has also collaborated with international brands.

One of the things that set Zmogk apart from his contemporaries is his blending of classical and abstract elements. His style has been known since the late 1990s. During this time, he participated in a number of street art festivals in Russia and abroad.